Er Roué Stevan
Roland Becker - L'Orchestre National Breton

Curious to find this record here!
Roland Becker is a traditional & contempory musician
from Brittany, (and also one of Tim's neighbours !).

This album, performed by baroque instruments
string quartet, hurdy gurdys, as well as bombardes,
bagpipes, and traditional Breton singers,
was recorded on direct to disk.

When everything broke down, Tim was called in for
technical support, but was soon involved in performing
vocalisations of Roué Stevan's Propheties.

Blake , who had just renounced including some
propheties of his own on theTide of the Century,
found himself giving voice to texts in the style of :

"The Time will Come
When Men will Fly in Cages of Iron"


This Record has been awarded the
Prize ..... Well done Roland !

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