Caldea Music 2

Caldea - Floating - Om Beach -The Great Pool
Across the Sea of Dreams -Jackuzzi Surfing
Caldea 2

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Caldea - Getting into Hot Water !

  Caldea is a thermalism center high in the mountains of Andorra.

A Crystal City !
Built by French architect J-M Ruols in the center of Andorra's capitale, Valdez,  
Caldea's clients enjoy thermale bathing, relaxation, and steaming,
in the naturally hot waters that are one of Andorra's riches .

Built in a 'New Age' fashion, the Caldea center bathes it's guests in 'New Age Music' too !

This is the second record specially commisioned by Caldea, for sale inside the center.
It was also Tim's first 100% instrumental record for over 25 years  !
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