Also know simply as KAD.

This record is one of Tim's first participations in 'Breton' sounding music.
Kadwaladyr are a group formed by one familly of brothers & sisters,
the clan MEVEL
Celtique by race as well as by nature, Tim welcomed this opourtunity
to participate in music that featured bagpipes and penny whistles , gaëlic flutes
and a whole gaëlic choir- recorded on the Isle of Skye !

As well as playing most of the 'Burning' solos on this record
Tim was able to contribute with digital editing of the original choir tapes
received by post from Skye, cut & time compress them, so as to
fit them in to the group's own time signatures, making
Kadwaladyr one of the first clients of the Studio Virtuel.

This record  features guest performances of Tim, but also from Giles SERVAT
a very well know singer from Brittany. Konan Mevel, the eldest of the Mevel familly
has now joined TRI YANN probably the most popular Breton
traditional group, who were already "packing them in" in the early '70s,
when Tim first came to france