Some of the many Youtube videos featuring
Tim Blake -Crystal Machine and Hawkwind

Tim Blake - Crystal Machine Music is available by download & streaming
and from the Cherry Red - Tim Blake Store

Tim Blake - Rome 2018

Tim Blake  Solo
 Byzantium Dancing
Holmfirth - 5 July 2013

Hassan-i Sabbah
Jodrell Bank   July 6  2013

Tim Blake Solo 
The Arrival of Migratory Cranes
from ' Noggi Tar '

Hawkwind - Southern Cross Live
June 2012


The Tide of the Century - Live in Amsterdam 2006

Assault & Battery- Golden Void
W.O.T.E.O.T Tour 2013

The Call to Prayer
( A Theremin Intro to 'Assasins of Allah' )
May 2012

Arte ( French TV)

Hawkwind - Shepherd's Bush Empire

St. Dolay - in French and unplugged - 2000

Rare Footage from the 70's
Crystal Machine Live -1978

Hawkwind - Spirit of the Age
Manchester 09-12-2011

Tim demonstrating Wireless Midi
"Introducing Allah" 2010

2007 - Lighthouse -The Hawkfest Webcast

Southern Cross ( extract 1)
Tim Demonstrates Tuned Theremin playing
using the i2m Midiport 2011

"An African Age"
The New Age Song performed by Tim and Jean-Philippe,
Live from Exeter - 2006

Interview with Tim and Lighthouse
French TV ( A2) 1979

Interview with Tim and "Passage sur la Cite de Revelations"
French TV (A2) 1979

Tim working on " Southern Cross"
in his Studio in France  2011

'Generator Laser Beam'
From French TV in 1979

Tim playing " Floating "  (in the Pool ) from the Caldea Album
at 'Le Ballo' 2007

"New Jerusalem" from the 1979 French TV program
'Fenetre sur Tim Blake'
Available for download:

Tim playing "New Age Song "  on Accoustic Guitar

'A Magick Circle' - From 'Magick'  1991

Jacuzzi Surfin' - from the Caldea Music 2 Album 2002

'Lighthouse' - From 'Blake's New Jerusalem' 1978