Patrice Warrener - Artiste de Lumière

The other half  Crystal Machine since the  '70s
Patrice Warrener now exploits


Polychromatic  Ilumination System

His most recent work " The Heart of Yorkshire" was beating on
YorkMinster  29/10 to  05/11  - 2005

                                                                                                                            Yhe Heart of Yorkshire 2005    photos: Daniel M German

This was First Time in The U.K. for "Chromolithe"

But  Patrice Warrener's Works  have been seen
on both public & private buildings
across the world . . .

His next  installations will be on Town Halls
in GOUDA (Hollande), & MARSEILLE (France)
during  December  2005

Patrice has Received :

The TROPHY of the  Town  of LYON en 2001

The TROPHY of the City of  MARSEILLE en 2003

Tim Blake et Patrice Warrener - Crystal Machine  1977

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