"Light that Shines through Darkness"
In 1971 Tim Blake met the French Light Artiste
Together with others, they formed the


Crystal Machine - Tim Blake & Patrice Warrener
- Villejuif - 1978 New Jerusalem World Tour - photo Sylvie Herbert

The  World's first Organisation dedicated to
Electronic Music and Light ,
featuring, Lasers, for the first time ever,

When Tim left GONG in 1975,
CRYSTAL MACHINE set out on a series of
One Week installations in Cinemas and Theatres, including, in both
1976 &1979,
the Parisien Theatre "Le PALACE" 

In 1978 & 1979 Crystal Machine toured intensively,
with shows in:

France , Spain, Japan, Holland
& the 1979
Gladstonbury Festival


Theatre Le Palace --------------Photos from Japan