Some recordings by Tim Blake

    Solo Albums :

Crystal Machine     New Jersusalem     Magick    Tide of the Century    Caldea
 Crystal Machine             New Jerusalem                      Magick               Tide of the Century             Caldea Music 2   

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        Noggi 'Tar - New Tim Blake Solo - 2012    



45 's :-  Synthése Intemporel 1/2  : Generator (Laser Beam)/Woodlandvoice


Hawkwind - New Album
release 30-12-2012

Blood of the Earth


Vinyl, Dble Vinyl Cd Dbl Cd and Mp3s

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Out of the Shadows           Knights of Space


     Out of the Shadows (Dec 02)      Knights of Space ( Dec 07)  

Live '79       Levitation      Yule Ritual        Spaced out in London
         Live '79                               LEVITATION                           Yule Ritual                      Spaced out in London 


  Gong in the 70's 

Gong in the 70's (Live)

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                     French TV DVD      Montserrat DVD  
        Gong - Uncon 2006             Gong on French TV           Gong @ Montserrat

CDs and Albums


Flying Teapot                Angel's Egg                             You                         Gong live etc


Greasy Truckers               Bataclan 1973                  Sheffield 1974               Gong on the Radio

Gong 25- the Birthday party (dbl cd)


Para Gong Live'       Gong-'You' remixes.     Best of Gong

'A Sprinkling of Clouds '
Various Complils

'Gong est Mort!'(dbl.)

       Steve Hillage:

'Fish Rising'
45's It's All Too Much/ Shimmer ( Shimmer is composed by T;B.)

    Recent Compilations & Collaborations:

Daze of the Underground
Tim Blake- Spirit of the Age

    Cyrille Verdeaux:

'Clear Light Symphony'
Produced by Tim Blake for Virgin Records

    Music from Brittany:

Roland Becker      Kad Waladyr
Er Roué Stevan              18,01

This List is by no means complete - !